Digital media are the heart of my business.

Graduate Professional (engineer Multimedia), I use it in the areas of education, training, communication and audiovisual.


Design training modules or tell a brand through new digital media, here's the challenge I want to go! Get started!

Responsible for Visual communication & digital

Digital media: to strengthen the image of a company brand and showcase its expertise!

I suggest videos and photographs of quality, adapted to the needs in communication. My images are designed as full designs that meet expectations.


  • Writing, filming, storyboarding, effects special (3D animation) and editing.
  • Creation of Visual identity, Charter, media print production, of visuals (videos, photographs), computer graphics.
  • Prototyping websites, layout of documents, management of campaigns, content writing, community management, Web design, web design.

Educational engineering

Digital media: for a fun and dynamic pedagogy!

I design interactive training devices and multimedia educational products for companies and training centres.


My missions:

  • develop a policy for the integration of the Technologies of Information and Communication (ICT) in training,
  • evaluate the gains and reorient the actions,
  • to cooperate different experts: developers, graphic artists...

Director of documentaries

Digital media: to build a story from pictures!

Through documentary films and photographic reports, I enriched my work writing and Screenwriting. Some of my films have been selected or awarded.


At the same time, I'm taking personal projects as a work of research and writing on the reconstitution of a memory, through original photos of the 19 th and 20 th centuries. This documentary work is fragments of stories in the history.